Mini Mane

MiniMane was a brainchild of the New Zealand 2020 Covid-19 Lockdown. I am a Hairdresser and Mum who went from working fully booked days in my private hair studio to being at home 24/7 with my toddler who was rapidly growing a mane of hair.

I realized I had invested in this amazing wardrobe of clothing for my daughter but I found it so hard to find beautiful soft toned hair accessories to match her outfits. So MiniMane accessories was born.

A quality collection for Minis (and Mamas too) of Hairclips, Bows, Headbands and Scrunchies at an affordable price. 

As a Hairdresser I am very particular about what I use on my daughters hair. My goal was for everything in the collection to be gentle. 
Headbands created from soft materials. Clips and Hairties that dont put too much tension on the hair, pull or cause breakage.
The Mini Detangling Brush was designed to make it easy for parents and children to brush out knots gently. Not pulling and allow us to style without damaging childrens fine hair. 

I hope you (and your mini) love this collection as much as I do and it helps with taming your Minis Mane .

Stef  xx


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